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A collection of gardening articles, videos, and garden tours since 2009.

Three jars of tomato sauce canning on a counter.

Canning Tomatoes from the Garden

To be honest, I’ve never canned anything… until now. My friend Valerie Tschaar offered to show me how easy it is to can tomatoes from the garden… using a pressure cooker. Now that sounds like a safe and sterile method to me.

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Perennial Border Bed Design

Creating a perennial border bed

Throughout the first year in 2021, I experimented with different plantings for this bed. It is important go through an entire year to get a feel for the sunlight for

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New garden bed with japanese maple planted

Planning a new garden

It’s been two years at the new house and I’m finally getting time to complete a small garden in the backyard. It started with a border bed of perennials behind

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Photo of My First Terrarium

My First Terrarium Project

Last week I attended a mini-workshop with Linda Barnett of Exceptional Terrariums. I finally got to make one of my own. Choosing the right combination of plants and stones was

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Linda Barrett Photo

Terrariums: Your Indoor Garden Forest

Update 2022: Exceptional Terrariums is no longer operating. I love terrariums. They’re beautiful, easy to care for and thrive on neglect. Most houseplants need consistent care – that means checking

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fungus gnat yellow sticky trap

Fungus Gnat Control for Houseplants

Well it didn’t take long after transplanting a few houseplants before the fungus gnats arrived. Fungus gnats thrive in moist growing medium typically used for houseplants. I noticed a few

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