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Visit to Microfarm Organic Gardens | Charlotte NC

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I love growing food. Even if I’m doing it from the balcony of my apartment. Charlotte is home to Microfarm Organic Gardens, a unique business centered around providing products and education for sustainably growing food right here in The Queen City. Whether you want to build an entire urban homestead or grow vegetables in a raised bed, they’ve got you covered.

Recently I reached out to Matt Kokenes, founder of Microfarm Organic Gardens to learn more about growing food here in Charlotte. He graciously agreed to meet for a cup of coffee and share his experience and a little more about what his company does. We met at Nova’s Bakery (now closed) on Central Ave (good coffee and pastries) not too far from his workshop and greenhouse.

Nova's Bakery on Central
Matt Kokenes, Founder

We talked about organic gardening, buying local and why people are so fascinated with growing food, and embracing the local movement. We then headed over to his workshop and greenhouse, for a peek at what he’s been working on.

Matt is a craftsman and enjoys building things. He also makes an effort to source materials locally, like the red cedar he uses for nearly all of the wood products made for clients. Red cedar is weather and pest resistant and is an excellent natural material for raised garden beds.

Here are some photos from the tour

Raised Bed from Cedar
Compost Bin Red Cedar
Chickens in the Coop
Fall Leafy Veggies

Matt had a nice selection of fall vegetables growing in the raised beds on his property.

Microfarm Greenhouse

He built a greenhouse to start heirloom seedlings which they sell to customers at their retail spot at Atheron Mill Market.

Yellow Squash Vines
Heirloom Seedlings
Greenhouse Heirloom Seedlings
Heirloom Seedlings

Mini-greenhouses for children is a recent project in the works which is perfect for future gardeners to learn by doing.

Kids Greenhouse
First Project was this treehouse

This treehouse was the first project that Matt constructed which fueled his passion for building things.

Wood Bench
Red Cedar chair
Radishes in Raised Bed
Microfarm Organic Garden Display

You can visit their display booth at Atheron Mill Market on Saturdays. Check Microfarm’s website for times.

Rain Barrel and Cold Frame
Chicken Coop Display at Atherton Mill

If you are looking to create a sustainable garden at your home or business, Microfarm Organic Gardens has you covered. They’re devoted exclusively to the art of edible organic gardening… and yes it is an art because it’s creative, fun and rewarding. Matt and his team offer organic garden design, maintenance, and related services to the greater Charlotte area.

Full disclosure: I enjoy garden tours and love photographing and writing about them. I was not compensated to write this post and the opinions expressed are my own. I did receive a few kale seedlings to try out on my balcony garden. Thanks Matt.

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