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About Me


Jackie D'Elia

I’m Jackie D’Elia, your host!

UX Design

As a former User Experience Designer and Engineer, I enjoyed writing code and designing websites. While I still work for a few very select clients, I’m also embracing my passion as a content creator of gardening and DIY projects. Follow me on Instagram.

As an Entrepreneur

I’ve spent most of my career in technology from building a small real estate software company to creating an e-commerce business mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. 

I earned a BS in Horticulture at Texas A&M University. Whoop! Yes, that’s right — the science of cultivating plants! To me, nature is the perfect combination of math, science, and design. Are you sensing a theme here?

Seems I’m always hanging out where the left and right brain meet.


I enjoy writing and sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve written numerous gardening articles for Buchanan’s Native Plants and here on my own site.


I was the founder and former co-host of Rethink.fm – the forward-thinking podcast about usability and experience design. The podcast continues with my previous business partner, Cathi Bosco taking over the helm in 2023.


A passion of mine for the past 20 years – especially nature and macro photography.

The rest of my time

I love everything DIY, from gardening and propagating plants, to chalk paint and building cool things around the home. I write about my garden antics and projects here and share a bit on Instagram.

I’m a creative geek at heart who loves gardening and photography.

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