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Genesis Site Title Styles Plugin

This article has been archived.

This plugin is no longer in the WordPress plugin repository. You can find the last archived version on GitHub for anyone who needs it. It is no longer under development or supported.

Curious about how this CSS works?

A span tag is wrapped around each word in the site title. Using the nth-child() selector, you can target a specific span tag within the site-title class. So, .site-title span:nth-child(1) would target the first word and .site-title span:nth-child(2) would target the second word. Get the idea?

If you would like to eliminate the space between each word in the site title, uncomment the code that sets the font-size to 0 for the .site-title class. Just make sure it is placed before the .site-title span:nth-child selectors.

This plugin is based on the code Carrie Dils provided in her post: Add a Custom Class to the Site Title in Genesis.

Big thanks to Carrie for contributing some edits and helping us deploy it to Github.

If you are interested in learning how to edit your WordPress site files, Carrie has some helpful blog posts on how to do just that:

Whichever method you choose, go add some pizazz to your Genesis Site Title.

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