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Windmills, Daffodils and Rosemary

This Sunday  I got some much needed chores done in the garden.  The Organic Vegetable Grower Specialist classes I am taking at Urban Harvest has been very helpful. The series targets our area of the country and offers practical, useful information for growing vegetables. Based on what I learned I purchased some local organic granular fertilizer to jump start my raised beds prior to planting.  I wrote a story about it on my Houston Chronicle blog earlier in the week.

Yesterday the weather was cloudy but warmer (around 70 degrees) so I was able to clean out the garage, fertilize the beds and prune a few plants.

I also took a few photos….

Garden Art… the windmill my mother gave me about 15 years ago.

A windmill in front of a house.

Ficus pumila growing on a crape myrtle trunk.

A close up of leaves on a tree.

Garlic sprouting in my raised bed.

A group of green sprouts growing out of mulch.

Azaleas in the front of the house are just about ready to burst with color. This variety is a Formosa with hot pink flowers. Based on the number of buds – they should put on a good showing next month.

A close up of a plant with green leaves.

Narcissus tazetta ‘Italicus,’  I received from my good friend Chris Wiesinger at Southern Bulb.
  A close up of a white daffodil flower.

Rosemary officinalis ‘Gorizia’  in bloom

A close up of a rosemary plant with blue flowers.

A close up of a rosemary plant with purple flowers.

A close up of a flower on a plant.

A close up of a flower on a plant.

2 thoughts on “Windmills, Daffodils and Rosemary”

  1. Lovely photos as usual. Your veggie growing class sounds great. I’d love to take something like that. Hope the MG class is going well.

  2. Jennifer in Katy

    I just found your blog through your blog on chron.com. Your pictures are gorgeous and I am looking forward to reading more about those gorgeous raised beds. Oh, and learning a lot more about how not to kill my plants this year!

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