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Vertical Pine Tree View: Which do you like?

Experimenting with some different angles of the camera today. These photos are taken vertically looking up into the trees. Which do you like better, the one where the top is out of focus (first photo) or top is in focus (second photo)?



6 thoughts on “Vertical Pine Tree View: Which do you like?”

  1. I agree with Helen. I like seeing the top in focus, more like it would be if your eyes were looking up at it, to me anyway. 🙂

  2. Top in focus, Jackie. I didn’t understand the first photo until I saw the second one. I think the focal point should always be in focus but I’m sure there is artistic license for the first one as well. Isn’t it fun to experiment?

  3. What were you looking at? If you’re exploring bark, the first one. If you’re looking at the pinetop, the second one. I hate it when you’re bored. Santa will be here soon.

    I hate it when I end a sentence with ‘at,’ too.

  4. I like the top one. My eyes are drawn to the bark, which is more interesting to me than the top of the tree. Or maybe it’s because I’m near-sighted. It’s fun to experiment with the camera!

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