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Today I Saw Red… and Orange.

The photo above is a Pink Double Knockout® Rose “Radtkopink”.  

I saw red indeed. A pair of delightful cardinal birds. The cardinals were darting around the backyard today foraging for food. The female stopped at the bird bath for a drink. The male was busy on the ground searching. In the past, they’ve always seemed to leave before I could get the camera ready.  Today I happened to have the camera in my hands when I heard that familiar single chirp.

A red cardinal standing in the grass.

A red cardinal standing in the grass.

A cardinal perched on top of a birdbath.

I love ORANGE. While it may not be the most popular color for most people, I think it is so refreshing and crisp… full of energy. I couldn’t help but pick up this gorgeous Gerbera daisy at the nursery last week (even though I really did not need another one). I’ve got a pretty clay pot picked out for it and will place it near the seating bench at Project 802. Perhaps this is a flower Ina Garten would love? I’ve heard her mention on the Barefoot Contessa, that orange flowers were her favorite. Mine too, Ina. 

Orange gerbera flowers in a pot.

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