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That Big September Moon

I took these photos last night of the moon. It was a very pretty evening. Glad I did, because tonight we had a light thundershower and the the sky is still cloudy. The full moon is offically September 4th. My shots were taken one day early. Look at the big crater in the lower right of the moon. Wow. That must have been a huge meteor that hit the moon.


Special thanks to Pam @ Digging for the inspiration. She always has fabulous moon photos.

8 thoughts on “That Big September Moon”

  1. Very nice, Jacqueline! I didn’t even realize it’s full moon time. I’m going outside to look right now and might snap a few myself if the sky is clear. Thanks for the link love.

  2. Jacqueline D'Elia

    Thanks Pam. It was my first try and I still think it is not sharp enough. My DSLR camera does not have that digital zoom that my old Sony Cybershot had, so I actually had to add a 75mm-300mm lens to take the shot. Now I have 3 lens for this camera. Oh my. It is quite the expensive hobby, but I love the results.

  3. Fantastic shots! It’s clear enough for me! Thanks for including a link to your camera (side bar). I’ve been looking at moving from my Fuji S100fs bridge camera to a DSLR! gail

  4. Absolute fabulous photos indeed. I wish I could take photos like that. I remember the moon last night and tonight it is also great. A bit orange though. The weather has been so great and life so good this summer it is incredible.

  5. I noticed how full and bright the moon was last night. I wish I would have thought to take a photo, too. Great shots.

    Always Growing

  6. Loved looking at your post! Great photos of the moon and crater. I will have to show my boys. 🙂

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