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Snowy December in Houston

Amaryllis Mini Fanfare blooming in the snow

Friday December 4th – it snowed…. in Houston. What a rare event indeed.


As I watched from my office window yesterday, it brought back memories of snowfalls from my youth. Those magical nights looking up and watching snowflakes fall in front of the street lights. Quiet and still.

With the snow came sadness as I thought about all of my favorite green treasures outdoors in the freezing weather. The low last night was 25 degrees. As the snow melts and the sun comes out today, I can see that many of my plants will not survive the freeze damage. I tried to save some of my orchids Friday morning by putting them in the garage, but there were so many that I just didn’t have time to save before going to work.

I managed to collect a few photos of this rare event to share. This is my favorite rose now drooped in melting snow.



Snow covered leaves of my Gerbera Daisy

5 thoughts on “Snowy December in Houston”

  1. You are so right, the snow is both beautiful and sad at the same time – sad because many of the plants just weren’t prepared for it. Of course the tropicals would never be prepared for it. We missed the snow here but got the cold temps – 19F here this morning. I hope the damage in your area won’t be too bad.

  2. Corner Garden Sue

    Hi Jackie,
    I thought of the Austin area bloggers when I heard it was snowing there. I hope you have good recovery of your plants. It made for some beautiful photos, but I imagine you would have rather done without it.

  3. Jackie, it was really magical to be out and about in the snow yesterday. I couldn’t stop smiling! This afternoon, as I surveyed the gardens, I wasn’t smiling quite as much. I think most of my plants are root hardy but we shall see. I hope yours fare better than you fear!

  4. Jackie girl ! My goodness that must be such a rare event indeed !
    That rose looks so beautiful even if it is in shock .. so pretty : )
    I have to say that snow certainly does give you a completely different aspect in photographing the garden and plants .. grab it while you can girl ! LOL

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