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Photographing Butterflies Can Be Challenging

For two days I’ve tried to capture a decent photo this Swallowtail in my garden. It fluttered around the lemon and orange trees in a frenzy. It just wouldn’t stop long enough for me to get a shot. I thought surely it would stop and rest for a moment to allow me to snap a few close ups. But after about 25 shots yesterday, this is the only one worth saving.

Last year I had much better success with this Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.

A butterfly is sitting on a flower.

A close up of an orange butterfly on a flower.

A close up of a brown butterfly on a stem.

4 thoughts on “Photographing Butterflies Can Be Challenging”

  1. Wow, those photos are all amazing! I never seem to manage anything that’s ready to move, well, that’s the beauty of photographing plants ;->

  2. Beautiful. She’s laying eggs! Lucky you! They are the most gorgeous caterpillars. They devoured my fennel, but that’s okay because I don’t care for it. Only planted it for the butterflies. Are lemon/orange trees host plants for swallowtails?

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      Yes they are. Giant Swallowtails hover around the lemon, lime and orange trees I have grouped together in pots. They have laid eggs several times, but the wasps have managed to kill the larvae once they’ve hatched and grown a bit.

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