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Moon Craters

The full moon was yesterday but will all the rain and cloudy skies we had as of late, it was not visible last night. But tonight it was and I was able to capture a few shots that really show off the craters of the right edge of the moon. Perhaps they are showing up, because the right side is the part that is waning right now?



4 thoughts on “Moon Craters”

  1. Wonderful views of the craters. I so intended to take pictures of the harvest moon last night, but when I got back to Austin it was completely overcast. I was bummed! But I got over it, as plum tired as I was, and went to bed. It didn’t even occur to me to check tonight! Did I really just say “plum tired”? I guess the Texan in me is showing through…

  2. Oh Jackie…more moon photos! I don’t know how you get such great photos of the moon…. Thank you very much for sharing them.

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