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Macro Monday: Photoshop Experiment

While fall leaves in brilliant colors make for stunning photographs, the simplicity of this brown leaf resting on the surface of this mulch illustrates shape, texture and variation in tones. Mother Nature certainly has a flair for design.

A close up of a brown leaf on the ground.
Original Photo without enchancement

I edited this photo in Photoshop by enhancing the hue to illustrate how color variations can alter the mood of a photograph. The beauty of Photoshop is that these changes took about 15 seconds to implement.

A close up of a green leaf.
Same Photo with Hue Enchancement - Added Green
A close up of a red leaf on the ground.
Same Photo with Hue Enchancement - Added Red
A black and white photo of an oak leaf.
Same Photo with Color Desaturated

When referring to colors, it is helpful to remember the terminology describing color:

Hue – defines the range of purest and brightest colors
Tint – any color with white added to it (more feminine colors, pastels)
Shade – any color with black added to it (more masculine colors, dramatic)
Tone – any color that is grayed down (adding a blend of white and black)

I use Photoshop CS5 on my iMac to resize and add a copyright to each photo. The program is so powerful, I estimate I have only used 20% of it’s capabilities. While I rarely have to edit photographs anymore (since I purchased my new Canon camera), sometimes subtle changes can have a very positive effect on the overall quality of the image.

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  1. God is a great artist to say the leaste. I too like to shoot and not have to edit to much. but photoshop can add to a shot for sure.

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