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Macro Monday 12/14: Hairy Beans

Edamame Beans are very nutrious and make a healthy snack. Their pods are very hairy however. Have a look.



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9 thoughts on “Macro Monday 12/14: Hairy Beans”

  1. Nice photos! I knew the pods were hairy but never looked at them macro-style. Amazing what you see through the lens sometimes.

  2. I gathered some dry soybeans. Those hairy pods make for unpleasant shelling. I’m going to follow the directions from someone’s blog for cooking them, evidently there is a trick to making the dry beans tasty.

  3. nice macros. Beans are looking awesome despite being hairy. I am sure they taste wonderful as well.

  4. Yum, one of my favorites too, hairy or not! Do you know if all soybeans are edamame, or do you need to plant a specific variety?

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