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Macro Monday: Fall Blooms 11/2

What a beautiful Sunday it was here in Houston today. Temperatures in the 70’s and sunshine. That golden autumn sunlight that gently arcs low in the southern sky was the perfect backdrop for these late afternoon photos.

A lovely bloom of Gerbera Daisy with a little visitor roaming around the petals. This little guy even matches the bloom color.



A pair of Gulf Fritillary Butterflies were dancing around the garden today.




This one posed for some very interesting closeups.

The simple beauty of a Spicy Jatropha (Jatropha integerrima) bloom.




The intricate twists of a Hibiscus bloom. This flower will be orange.


Lovely squash blooms from my vegetable garden.


Visit Macro Monday to view some very interesting close ups and if you have some macro shots to share, join in the fun. Macro Monday features closeup shots in the garden from fellow bloggers and are listed on Lisa’s Chaos.

13 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Fall Blooms 11/2”

  1. These are beautiful macros, and they are all so clear. Wow! I like that orange colour insect. It looks like it had landed on alien ground. I makes me think how it must be like to see our world from the insect’s view point.

  2. You’ve got some great photos here. It is nice to get up close and really pay attention to details.

    Always Growing

  3. Jackie, Your images always make waking up on a Monday worth the effort. You just seem to get better and better with that lens. Thanks.

  4. Christina, Sweden

    Wonderful flowerphotos
    Unfortunately that season is over in Sweden
    The litte one on the Gerbera found its right spot for camouflage 😉

  5. You must have a very good camera for these photos! And you definetly have a good eye! I like the pink flower the most!
    Great macros!

  6. Wow – those are GREAT macros. I love the orange insect – is he a type of giant aphid? Funny looking bug!

  7. Jackie, Your photos are REALLY macro. What an amazing close up of the fritillary. You certainly wouldn’t be able to see the white fur with the naked eye. Or at least my naked eyes. 🙂 I have to tell you at first glance I thought you must have taken liberties with the orange bug on the orange flower. How uncanny is this? The oranges are dead on. This bug is not familiar to me. Anyway, great photos.

  8. How inspiring! I do hope that during an upcoming vacation I’ll finally wrap my head around macro photography…

  9. Great macros Jackie – I really liked the insect on the flower and the close-up of the butterfly. Nicely done!

  10. Laura Livengood Schaub

    Oooh, Macro Monday, love it! I just got a new camera that takes great macro and I’ve been having so much fun with it, all I needed was another excuse! Beautiful shots, and I like how you take us in for an even closer look with the cropped versions, nice idea. Be looking for some macros from me NEXT Monday! ~lls

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