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Macro Monday: Butterfly and the Mexican Torch Flower

Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia) is now blooming and attracting butterflies. I planted these from seed. You can find them at Botanical Interests. The plants are about 4-5 feet tall now (planted the seeds in March). Beautiful orange flowers love full sun and the heat too. Very easy to grow from seed.

A yellow teddy bear in a garden.
Mexican Sunflower
An orange flower with a yellow center.
Mexican Sunflower Torch
A butterfly is sitting on a flower.
Notice the missing section of the butterfly wing?

I noticed this Swallowtail butterfly was missing part of its wing. Looks like this butterfly got away in the nick of time. Most likely a bird tried to catch it. It did not seem to be affected at all. It flew beautifully and hovered with no troubles. The yellow wings with blue accents are stunning against the vivid orange flowers.

Butterfly on Mexican Sunflower
Butterfly on Mexican Sunflower

9 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Butterfly and the Mexican Torch Flower”

  1. What a beautiful set of photos! I had tithonias for the longest time, but alas, our garden has become to shady. Nice memories were brought by this post.
    It’s really a great plant for Houston and a great nectar source as evidenced by your winged visitor. It’s also a fun word to say!
    David/ 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous flower and beautiful butterfly… even if he’s incomplete!! =)

  3. Love that bright orange! Wow, what a beautiful flower! No wonder the little butterfly was attracted to it. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful series of photographs! I love the orange sunflowers and think I will have to order some for next year. They are stunning. And you have butterflies!! I have not seen any this year…it’s just too hot and dry I think :/ Glad I got to see yours 🙂

  5. I’ve never grown tithonia before but it certainly seems like a plant I would really like. Good to hear you can grow them easily from seed (although these days I’m reluctant to plant anything with this drought – I’ve lost a few plants I really didn’t want to lose!). Lovely photos as usual.

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