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Macro Monday 12/7: Snow Crystals and Geometry

With the very rare event of snow in Houston this week, I found the snow on the edge of my raised beds the perfect spot to explore the structure of these ice crystals upclose. Watch as these macro shots zoom in on the very building blocks of these geometric marvels.







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17 thoughts on “Macro Monday 12/7: Snow Crystals and Geometry”

  1. Great photos of the snow crystals! We had our first dusting of snow this morning, but it’s not a rarity here like it is in your neck of the woods.

  2. Gorgeous work! I love the beauty of snow-crystals you have captured..breathtaking and mystical..fantatsic job! yay!

  3. Oh these are stunning shots..I love how you got closer and closer! Wonderful. I love shooting frost and ice crystals too!! :)Sarah

  4. OMG Jackie girl !
    You took amazing pictures of these crystals and it must be such a strange sight to see where you live : )
    I’m hoping to get some this year .. some time .. when we have our true ? northern winter weather ? LOL

  5. wow..you captured the beauty of these ice crystals…unique and stunning shots

    i hope u can visit my macro. It is up here

  6. Jackie, These photos are fabulous! Wow!! I’ve been looking at ice and snow for my entire life, but never like this. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. Stunning shots, especially that last one! You have inspired me. Next time we have a hard frost, I’ll be out there with my camera trying for close-ups! 🙂

  8. Corner Garden Sue

    Your photos are awesome! I like how you got closer and closer.

    I wasn’t able to take photos of the snow today, because I couldn’t find either of my memory cards. We have tomorrow off because of all the snow we are getting. I hope to find my cards and reader tomorrow.

  9. Rob(ourfrenchgarden)

    Hi Jackie

    If I have an image of Texas it’s heat and endless blue skies, not snow and ice!

    You asked about which camera I use on my blog, well it’s a Lumix G1 and I’m pleased with it. I generally shoot in Intelligent auto and tweak a bit on Picassa.


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