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Foliage Follow-Up: Light, Shadows and Texture

This post explores how light and shadows can express a mood or feeling in photography. These were taken from inside a Rangoon Creeper Quisqualis indica vine. While the blooms are gorgeous on this vine, I nudged my camera inside the while the sunlight diffused through the canopy of leaves to take a few photos.

A close up of a leaf with sunlight shining on it.
A close up of a leafy plant in a window.
A close up of green leaves in the sun.

A Yucca from the side in similar sunlight.

A close up of the leaves of a plant.

A trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) growing on the fence shot from underneath.

A plant with green leaves on a wooden fence.
A plant growing on a wooden fence.

Thanks to Pam at Digging for starting Foliage Follow-Up which takes place the day after Bloom Day (15th of each month) from Carol at May Dreams.

2 thoughts on “Foliage Follow-Up: Light, Shadows and Texture”

  1. I like the unusual perspective and lovely lighting of your foliage post. Thanks for joining in this month.

  2. Helen/patientgarden

    Every month I forget about foilage follow up and every month I see posts on it and wish I had remembered! Love the shots from inside the vine, very enterprising!

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