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Bumble Bee: 10 Amazing Macro Shots

These are some of my favorite photos from this weekend. This Bumble Bee found the bloom of my Midnight Water Lily intoxicating. She continued to visit the bloom over and over again.  It was so delightful to watch as she immersed herself into the flower. I wonder if that heavenly scent of this bloom is what attracted her?






I think this bumble bee is a female because in the photo below I could count the segments of the antennae. According to this website, females have 10 segments and males have 11. I think I see 10, do you?






11 thoughts on “Bumble Bee: 10 Amazing Macro Shots”

    1. Thank you. Yes I did. They are in the stock tank pond in my garden. Have a look at Project 802 for photos.

  1. Jackie, it seems like every post I have to compliment you on your macro shots…and this is no exception. GREAT EYE!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. My camera is really the star! I took about 30 photos of the bee and picked the 10 best. That macro lens I bought last month takes fantastic photos. I am still learning how to use it. I must say the macro shots are my favorite too.

  2. OMG, I’m so impressed. Do you ever put photos somewhere like Flickr where maybe a humble blogger could find them and use them, with credit?

  3. The bee looks like he is rolling in pollen, esp. in the photos where he’s almost upside down. Great photos.

    1. Rolling in the pollen is right, upside down, sideways, any which way. They are fascinating to watch.

  4. To use an tired cliche that somehow seems apropos… you go girl!
    Otherwise, I’m just speechless. Wow
    aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

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