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Acorns and Aliens

Weekend in the Garden Part I:

Today is Sunday, and my weekend in the garden begins. I’ve got so many projects to tackle today and tomorrow. I took these photos this past week and wanted to start with Acorns and Air Plants. These acorns are from my Shumard Red Oak (Quercus shumardii) , which is about 7 years old now. She is full of giant acorns. I’ve been collecting them as they fall from the tree as I plan to start some seedlings this fall. While I do not have room for another tree in my yard, I am sure a few friends will want one. It is a beautiful tree, with great fall color. Now, fall color in Houston means it arrives sometime in December or January, depending on the weather.



Very interesting leaves that are dark green with deep sinus and 5-9 lobes, with course bristle tips. Turns red in late fall (Late December/January in Houston).


The bark of a Shumard Red Oak is light grey, smooth, and very reflective when the tree is young. As the tree matures, the bark darkens and develops ridges and furrows. You may even see light splotches on the bark.


Okay now for the ALIENS:

Doesn’t this plant look strange? Reminds me of the movie Aliens when the creature swoops down from ceiling and grabs someone.


Actually it is a Tillandsia (air plant). Houston is warm and humid in the summer, and these plants grow without soil just hanging in wire baskets from the tree limbs on this Red Oak. They love that filtered sunlight. I am still waiting for the bloom.

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