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Armadillo Provides Free Tilling

At our Master Gardener class two weeks ago, we encountered this armadillo who apparently visits the front beds of the building daily and provides free tilling of the soil. Not bashful at all, this little guy went on digging even with a group of spectators just a few feet away. 

An armadillo in a hole in the ground.

An armadillo digging in the dirt.

An armadillo digging in the dirt.

6 thoughts on “Armadillo Provides Free Tilling”

  1. Ohhhh, how … cute?! I guess free-tillage is a good thing, huh? My father-in-law used to have himself a ‘dillo stick for the back yardage of his property in East Texas. It was a bat with two huge nails driven through it to come out as spikes on the other side. Needless to say, his armadillo problems disappeared … :) This one looks happy, though.

  2. He looks positively pre-historic. Something has been digging holes in my front garden, but I would lay odds it isn’t likely to be an armadillo up here in the frozen north of Canada.

  3. He is adorable, but not much fun to find your landscape beds all torn up. However, I would rather find a hole to two in the beds than put up with the rattlesnakes we have encountered this spring in our yard. It’s scary to let our young boys run free with such a snake problem. We have killed 3 so far in the last two weeks. Between the drought we have experienced the last couple of years to a wetter than normal winter in Texas we have been warned that the snakes are really making a come back this year. Yikes!!!

  4. Oops! I almost forgot to mention to all who live in snake country that one of our neighbors found a rattlesnake in their dryer. They disconnected the dryer and hauled it outside to get rid of the snake. Wouldn’t that scare the living daylights out of you, opening the dryer door to fold your clothes and find a snake? It apparently came in through the dryer exhaust vent looking for a warm place to hang out. Most hardware stores sell cages to put over the vent to keep larger pests out. I think our whole street was at Lowes the same day;)

  5. Meredith/Great Stems

    Ha, awesome photos. Better tilling up that soil than someone’s lovely plants!

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