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Water Lily Poetry

Oh Water Lily
Oh sweet and fragrant lily,
from still water… quietly,
you find your way to sunshine,
and the bumble bee.

Your fragrance is intoxicating,
drenched in color vibrantly.
In the few short days you visit,
oh how you comfort me.

-Jacqueline D’Elia


Inspired by my recent Bumble Bee post.

15 thoughts on “Water Lily Poetry”

  1. Lovely poem for equally lovely and beautiful flower…. water lily is beautiful because it has furnace with yellow flame in the middle… ~bangchik

  2. These photos feel like you could just touch that beautiful flower. Your poem is heartfelt and makes you appreciate this work of art from nature.

  3. Abolutely beautiful writing and photography — looking forward to following you on your journey. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. My love affair with water lilies began about 12 years ago. They take my breath away on the first day they open.

  4. Meredith/Great Stems

    What a sweet tribute to such a sweet flower. I love the way gardens inspire us. Beautiful poem, Jackie!

    1. My absolute favorite flower of all time. I truly have a kindred connection to water lilies. They are magical.

  5. What a lovely poem in honor of your favorite flower. Oh, by the way, my two brothers are Aggies, as is my neice. So we’ve got a family of Aggies. I went to UT, but really am not partial to the Longhorns. I think the Aggies have a great tradition.

  6. Hi. Your poem is great. I would like to use it in a lesson plan for my early childhood studies assignment. What is the title of the poem?
    Can you share with me what inspired you to write it so that I can write down what to tell the children?
    Thanks so much.
    (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      You may use the poem titled (Oh Water Lily) provided you include the author’s name “Jacqueline D’Elia” with all copies, print or web.

      Thank you.

  7. Like Zita, I was searching for teaching material. I am including your poem as part of a powerpoint for my high school Art class….my lesson is about imagery and illustration. Their medium to be used will be tempera resist so I had to use another image and not your beautiful photos. Sorry : ( No worries, I am including your name on the power point page and also this website in my citation page…wish I could send you the powerpoint and the results. I was born in TX. I am a longhorn at heart but now reside in ohio. Thank you for posting this beautiful poem, rhoda wilson

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