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Water Lilies Getting Sleepy

With the nights a little cooler and the welcome rains we’ve had this month, the water lilies are beginning to slow down. I’ve noticed the colors are little darker and the blooms are smaller. These tropical lilies are getting ready for there winter nap. It is their time to rest. Over the next month or so, they will continue to produce smaller lily pads and slowly shrink down into their pots. The flower buds will get smaller and in the final days, some will not even open as just drift back under the water to sleep.





I’ll document this over the coming months for all to see as we wait for the arrival of spring next year and whole new round of glory.

8 thoughts on “Water Lilies Getting Sleepy”

  1. What a beautiful color this is, and as usual excellent capture, Jackie. We only have the hardy Helvola whose flower sits on the water rather than up high on the stem.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    What beautiful flowers. I still find it so interesting when flower colors change in response to the temperatures. Thank you for sharing your water lilies.

  3. I had to rip out my gardens over a week ago because of the freezing temperatures we’ve been having. I miss my garden, but I’m also grateful for a respite. Your water lily is beautiful and you have a great camera to capture its beauty.

  4. Do keep us posted. They are such beautiful plants, the water lilies. Besides, I’m interested in their life cycle.

  5. Your waterlilies are so pretty. It’s good to enjoy them as long as they are around. I think mine have already gone to sleep. The pads are mostly turning yellow and new buds not opening.

  6. Beautiful blooms and yes my tropical ones are also slowing down a bit. Jackie, are yours vivap? mines are vivap. a lot. This is my first year with tropical water lilies and waiting to see how do they go dormant in winter.

  7. Your waterlilies has a nice shade of purple which I like very much. All your pictures are so beautiful, especially the macro shots.

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