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Macro Monday: The Art of the Waterlily

Tropical waterlies are in full bloom now in my stock tank water garden. Nymphaea ‘Lindsey Woods’ is smiling up at the Texas sun and basking in the heat. What a work of art this flower is. The colors are so vivid, it appears as if the petals were dipped in wet paint. One of the most interesting aspects is the color coordination of the filament on the stamens with the petals. The interior is a sunny warm yellow. And yes, this flower has a sweet fragrance. Did you know you can pick these on the first day they bloom, and they’ll last for about three days in a vase of water? Bring them inside and enjoy their beauty and fragrance. They close each night, and re-open in daylight.
A purple water lily in a pond.
A close up of a purple water lily.
A close up of a purple lotus flower.
A close up of an orange and purple flower.
A close up of a yellow and purple flower. A close up of a purple lotus flower.

11 thoughts on “Macro Monday: The Art of the Waterlily”

  1. Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes

    What stunning pictures of waterlilies, your photography is beautiful. I have to ask, I noticed a few photography book reviews on your page, is there one you would really recommend to a beginner photographer, I’m just starting out and there are sooo many books to choose from out there! Anyway, would love your rec. thanks!! Always looking forward to your posts..cheers Julia

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      Julia, I haven’t read many photography books to give an opinion. I’ve learned a lot through taking lots of pictures and seeing which ones I like and why. Given that, if I wanted to find a good book, I would go to Amazon.com and search for introduction to photography books and read the reviews posted. That always helps me decide. Other suggestions: go to the bookstore or library, gather some books and look them over in the store until you find one you like.

  2. Wow! These are nice macros! I really love the lavender/purple tropicals due to the fragrance. I didn’t know you could take them in and they’d last for 3 days. Makes me want to try one again. Perhaps after the drought.
    David/ :-)

  3. Oh my this is fantastic!! I really thought those in the middle are pencils, I was dead wrong lol!! Love your photos!

    Macro Monday

  4. MarieElizabeth

    This is completely different than what I thought it was by the small pic on the linky. Very neat!

  5. Make that “excellent photographer”! These are amazing pictures–you must have a great camera and know exactly how to use it. Beautiful photos. Mickie :)

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