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Macro Monday: Colorado Lily – Pale Late Bloomer

Well if you saw my Colorado Waterlily post about a late bud from that waterlily – you would have thought it was about to bloom. Sadly it never opened…. until yesterday. January’s weather has been cold here in Houston and I believe the temperatures preserved the bloom, but oddly it took my separating the sepals Saturday to see what was inside that caused it to bloom.

A close up of a water lily bud.
Colorado Water Lily Bud on January 3, 2011

Saturday January 29, 2011 I noticed the bud still looked about the same as it did four weeks earlier. It appears a small caterpillar or snail had been munching on the sepal, but overall it looked the same. I did see the tip appeared to be opening and a pale green extension of the petals were shown. I separated the sepals to look inside and found white petals. Now if you have seen a Colorado Lily bloom, you know it has a salmon color flower… a delicate mix of apricot and pink as shown below.

A pink water lily is blooming in a pond.
Normal Bloom from May 2010

To my surprise when I walked up the driveway yesterday, I saw a beautiful delicate soft white flower blooming. Apparently the separating the sepals encouraged the bud to open and bloom. The weather was warm yesterday… in the 60’s here.

A white water lily sits on a rock in a pond.
Colorado Water Lily – Absent of Color
A white water lily is sitting on a branch.
A close up of the center of a white water lily.
A close up of a water lily.
A close up of a white water lily.
A white water lily sits on top of a wooden bowl.
A white water lily sits on top of a log.

This flower is beautiful and reminds me of Nymphaea odorata (White Water Lily) or Nymphaea Virginia. I may even prefer it more than the salmon color, but I doubt I will see this one again. It was a strange turn of events that created this flower and thankfully I was able to capture these lovely photos to enjoy.

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  1. How wonderful a surprise Jackie. It is a beautiful white bloom but I love the pink lilies. They are a beautiful sight to see on a winter day.

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