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Macro Monday 10/29: Dreamy Blues

It was a busy weekend again. So I pulled a few more favorite macro photos I’ve taken this year. Enjoy!

Agapanthus africanus “Ella Mae” (Lily of the Nile)


Nymphae ‘Lindsey Woods’ Waterlily up close.






I found something interesting on the filament of this waterlily. I thought it was pollen from far away, but when I got closer, it was alive, with two eyes and little legs holding on. I have no idea what they are. Update: We now think they are nymphs of dragonflies.



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14 thoughts on “Macro Monday 10/29: Dreamy Blues”

  1. Sometimes it isn’t until I upload my photos that I see a tiny little micro critter in macro photo. Those first photos must be Agapanthus… one of my favorites here at Hoe and Shovel. Very nice photos.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  2. All truly beautiful beautiful macros. I find the micro bug very special. Luckily you noticed it and thanks for showing it to us.

  3. Hi Jackie~~ Fabulous photos! I think the tiny bug is a nymph of some kind. At its adult stage it will be more recognizable. I think. 🙂 Those Agapanthus blossoms with water droplets look good enough to eat.

  4. Beautiful and fascinating shots! Especially love all the droplets on the agapanthus! They seem to hang like bells in the rain!

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