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Finally… “Albert Greenberg” Water Lily Blooms

This water lily, Nymphaea “Albert Greenberg” is not in an ideal place. It is out on the driveway in full sun in large ceramic bowl. It really needs to be in a pond to thrive with cooler temperatures than Houston offers. The flower petals tend to wilt easily under the hot Texas sun. Why do I have it? It is just so pretty, that I am willing to wait for the right bloom. The color of the flower is so complex. It is a perfect balance of apricot and yellow, and pinks.

A water lily bud is growing in a pond.
A pink lotus flower in front of a brown pot.
Full Sun
A pink lotus flower is blooming in a pot.
Delicate and Soft
A pink lotus flower with a yellow center.
Pink, Purple with a Ting of Apricot

3 thoughts on “Finally… “Albert Greenberg” Water Lily Blooms”

    1. Thanks Joseph. While this waterlily does not like our Houston summers, I still keep trying to find a place for it here. This summer is got some shade from the olive tree behind it – so perhaps that helped.

  1. Jackie, Albert is such a beauty, he’s well worth any pampering you have to give him! The Colorado you gave me is doing splendidly and I am loving those blooms!

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