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Water Gardens

Water lilies growing in a pond.

Macro Monday: Colorado Water Lily

Winter in Houston is known for a wide range of temperatures throughout the season. I thought my Colorado waterlily was getting ready to sleep for the winter, but last week

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A purple flower with water droplets on it.

Macro Monday 10/29: Dreamy Blues

It was a busy weekend again. So I pulled a few more favorite macro photos I’ve taken this year. Enjoy! Agapanthus africanus “Ella Mae” (Lily of the Nile) Nymphae ‘Lindsey

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Water lilies in a pond with a stick in the water.

Water Lilies Getting Sleepy

With the nights a little cooler and the welcome rains we’ve had this month, the water lilies are beginning to slow down. I’ve noticed the colors are little darker and

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A close up of a purple water lily flower.

Water Lily Poetry

Oh Water Lily Oh sweet and fragrant lily, from still water… quietly, you find your way to sunshine, and the bumble bee. Your fragrance is intoxicating, drenched in color vibrantly.

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