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Wash Tub Lettuce

This little washtub has provided a daily supply of organically grown lettuce for me since the first week of December. In Houston, a planting like this can last through the entire winter. All I did was punch a few drainage holes in the bottom, filled it with soil, and sprinkled with a package of seeds. The variety pictured here is from Botanical Interests, Lettuce Leaf Salad Bowl Blend. Great taste and doesn’t mind the daily harvest.

What I really like about this container is that is it waist high, so you can just walk up to it and snip a few handfuls. Fresh organic lettuce at my backdoor, how convenient.

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5 thoughts on “Wash Tub Lettuce”

  1. How fantastic! Is it too late for me to do this in League City? Next year I’ll surely start in December, but are there any lettuce blends that can grow now until early summer here in Houston?

    1. During the summer try Italian arugula or Genoese basil from seed. Unfortunately lettuce is hard to grow here in summer. Thanks for visiting.

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