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Vegetable Garden

Three jars of tomato sauce canning on a counter.

Canning Tomatoes from the Garden

To be honest, I’ve never canned anything… until now. My friend Valerie Tschaar offered to show me how easy it is to can tomatoes from the garden… using a pressure cooker. Now that sounds like a safe and sterile method to me.

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A metal planter with lettuce growing in it.

Wash Tub Lettuce

This little washtub has provided a daily supply of organically grown lettuce for me since the first week of December. In Houston, a planting like this can last through the

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A bunch of yellow peppers growing in a garden.

Drought is worst ever for Houston

Worst drought ever? According to John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas State Climatologist and professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University: “These statistics rank the current drought as the most severe

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Yellow peppers growing on a plant with green leaves.

Vegetable Garden Update: Spring 2011

The vegetable garden is struggling this year. We are dealing with an unprecedented drought this spring and now temperatures have hit 105 for the past two days. Fortunately my tomatoes

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A bowl full of vegetables on a wooden table.

Something for Dinner from the Garden

Banana peppers were picked this week and turned red on the windowsill. I am sure they’ll be sweeeet. Heirloom tomatoes including a large Bull’s Heart and an adorable mini cinderella

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