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White Clover is GOOD for your Lawn

Yes that’s right I have clover growing on my lawn and I am happy about it!

A fire hydrant in the middle of a grassy area.

Despite what the chemical and pesticide industry wants you to think, white clover is actually good for your lawn.

A close up of clovers in a field.

Paul Tukey was here in Houston this past weekend speaking at the OHBA Organic Landscaping and Gardening Fair. He got me all fired up about the pesticide and herbicide industry. The runoff from synthetic chemicals being dumped on our lawns is causing BIG problems. Storm sewers send run-off directly into our rivers and streams.

He has some helpful videos to watch to learn how to get your lawn off drugs, make it a friendly place for children and pets, and stop the runoff that is destroying our waterways. Residential lawns account for 20% of all the damage from runoff.

4 thoughts on “White Clover is GOOD for your Lawn”

  1. Hi,

    I have white clover in the lawn too, not only does it fix nitrates but it’s also a magnet for all types of Bees and other pollinators. And it feels wonderfully lush beneath your feet! 🙂

    A must-have for any wildlife friendly garden or anyone wishing to do their environment good.

    I don’t use any chemicals, pesticides or anything on my garden, just as I don’t like to put them into my own body through preservatives and such.

  2. yay for clover! i’m happy when i see it growing in the lawn, especially this time of year when everything else is pretty brown. its bee attracting nectar and nitrogen fixing nodules are definitely a bonus. an entire “lawn” of it would please me, but probably not the h.o.a… gotta work on that.

  3. I’ve been watching the bees having a “field” day in our clover filled back yard. The clover seems to make everyone happy…the bees…the butterflies…the cats sitting at the porch window watching the whole social scene.

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