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Stroll in the Garden

A collection of photos from a stroll in my garden.


This Cattleya is on its second bloom now.


I should have dusted it off before the photo. Housekeeping please! A little grit and sand inside the flower.


Liriope muscari ‘Evergreen Giant’ is blooming.


She is always there to greet me near my front door.


This concrete statue of a boy is actually sitting on a dolphin and can be used as a fountain.


I love this large clay urn on its side in my front garden bed.


New growth on my potted Olive Tree Olea europaea ‘Arbequina’


A friend…

3 thoughts on “Stroll in the Garden”

  1. Hi, Jackie–
    This is great! You have some really beautiful “shots” here. Thanks for taking me (and all of your readers) on a scenic tour of your garden. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo of the cattleya. I grow Dendrobiums by the hundreds but somehow Catts intimidate me a little bit ! Yours is beautiful! So is that friendly blue dragonfly 🙂

  3. Jacqueline D'Elia

    Thank you. Yes the dragonflies are friends. They love to eat mosquitoes. There are quite a few of them here. They are very attracted to the waterlily pond, as am I. 🙂

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