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Heads Up: Focus on Statuary

Heads up! While photographing the nursery at Buchanan’s Native Plants this week, I captured so many beautiful pieces of statuary and it reminded me how important these are in creating focal points in the garden. A focal point should be large enough to draw the eye in and anchor the space. Here is a collection of faces for the week that are just lovely.

A planter with a green man on it.
A statue of a woman.
A row of blue buddha heads on a shelf.
A table with potted plants on it.
A statue of an angel holding a bowl.
A statue of an angel holding a book.

Do you use statuary in your garden for focal points?

3 thoughts on “Heads Up: Focus on Statuary”

  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. And I’ve been watching for a planter for my aunt and think I’ve found just the one she’s been wanting!

  2. Jackie, I love this post. I’m planning a post on faces in the garden and found a link here from Google. If you don’t mind, I’ll create a link to your post in my blog when I publish the post (probably after the holidays). Cheers, you must still be having gardening weather in Texas – our season has finally ended in Pennsylvania.

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