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Houston… We Have Olives!

The Pendolino olive tree (Italian variety) that is on my driveway is filled with olives. It stands about 12 feet tall and is in a large clay pot (about 36 inch diameter). This week I noticed that some of the olives are beginning to darken.

Olives on a branch with leaves.

It seems my type of tree is best suited for oil production vs table olives (I did not know that when I purchased the tree). I bought this tree from Thompson + Hanson in Houston in a 15 gallon pot about 2 years ago.

An olive tree with green leaves and a ripe olive.
Olives on a tree branch with leaves.

Olives can not be eaten until cured. This helpful site provides instructions on several ways to cure olives. I am going to do a little more research to find out which method would be best for the variety I have.

5 thoughts on “Houston… We Have Olives!”

  1. ‘Pendolino’ has a lovely ring to it. Must be lovely olives, too!
    Are you dropping by Blotanical very often? That’s where I’m following you these days. Cheers!

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      I’ve not been visiting Blotanical as much. After the last upgrade, there was quite a few bugs that make it difficult to use the Picks. How are things working now?

  2. Congratulations! Those are lovely-looking olives. I’d actually expect they’d be fine done with lime or with salt (my husband did 2 batches when we were in college, it was labor-intensive but the results were very satisfactory).

    As for Blotanical, you usually have to click one extra button to see the real blog text, but for that, the Picks load much much faster. For me, it’s a great way to see what everyone is doing ;->

  3. I’m excited to see success in growing olive trees in Houston! How have you been successful at keeping the tree alive? I’ve been trying different cultivars and keep having them drop leaves on me. So far I’ve tried Manzanilla and Arbequina trees, with limited success on both.

    I would love to know how you’ve taken care of your tree so I might be able to get a bit of that green thumb of yours. Any advice would be great.

    – A fellow Aggie (B.S. Biology)

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