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Wordless Wednesday: Mystery Vine

Passiflora amethyst – Lavender Lady Passion Vine

Passiflora amethyst – Lavender Lady Passion Vine

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mystery Vine”

    1. I wish! Actually, I was in the backyard a few days and noticed this vine growing over my fence from my neighbor’s garden. I took the first photo when none of the blooms had opened. I was thinking this sure looks like a Passionflower, but the bud looks different. Then a few days later, they all opened and I noticed that they were a Passionflower, but just a different variety. I found a similar photo on the web and was able to identify it. The petals on the flower angle down instead of horizontally like the Passiflora ‘Incense’. Lovely and it appears to be better behaved, although it still managed to jump the fence and climb all over my Pittosporum tobira.

  1. These are amazing photos. The second photo is really incredible with the coloring and the angle. Love it! Passionflowers are so beautiful!

  2. wow what a pretty passion flower and this one is not common here. we have mainly blue one or purple one. great macro shot.

  3. Beautiful photos! I just bought a passion vine. I think the flowers are so unusual and your photo is great!

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