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Midnight Water Lily Bloom Opens

While working in the garden on Sunday, I was able to capture this water lily (Nymphaea ‘Midnight’) flower opening on its first day. This deep violet blue water lily flower is one of my favorites. It is a tropical day blooming water lily that is unique among tropical cultivars in that the stamen tops have become small petals. This creates a delicate looking fringe in the center of the bloom. (Tropical water lilies will bloom in Zones 3-11 but can only be overwintered in your pond in zones 9-11). These flowers generally last about three days and are very fragrant. They can be picked and put in a vase to enjoy indoors (flowers close at night). On the first day, the flowers are rich in color, vibrant like wet paint on the tip of brush. Enjoy watching this flower open.







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  1. Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

    Occasionally, we will sell these at the flower shop where I work. When seen out of context, people do not know what they are. They are very surprised to find out they are water lilies. Beautiful photographs!

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