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Macro Monday 10/12: Mandevilla sanderei





Visit Macro Monday to view some very interesting close ups and if you have some macro shots to share, join in the fun. Macro Monday features closeup shots in the garden from fellow bloggers and are listed on Lisa’s Chaos.

14 thoughts on “Macro Monday 10/12: Mandevilla sanderei”

  1. Oh I just love the getting closer series of shots!! Beautiful work!! I think I like the last one the very best but they are all lovely!!! Sarah

  2. Nice post. I like the whole blossom best, which is just my preference always. I took a picture of my pink mandevilla this morning, a flower and buds, probably the last blossoms for this season before it is killed to the ground.

  3. Hi Jackie~~ Your blog is so pretty. I love your banner slideshow. The Macro photos are fabulous. It’s a Jasmine, am I correct?

  4. Nice set of images and I think that I agree with the majority that the first image is the best one. Great detail and a good idea with the sequence of images. Well done!

  5. Behold inside a trumpet and thus you will find a tunnel.
    Gloriously in the furnace of sunny light shone a Star of Mandevilla!

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