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Late Summer Shiners

Pink Rain Lilies Zephyranthes labufarosea are blooming around my garden this week. A few light rains have encouraged them to push up some pretty petals. Rain Lilies has a habit of showing off in masse, which makes them such a welcome addition to the garden. All at once, the little bulbs burst into color, usually a few days after a rain in late summer. Last year I purchased these bulbs. The Pink Rain lily which has shades of pink and white,  and the Prarie Sunset Rain Lily Zephyranthes x ‘Prairie Sunset’ which starts with deep rose-pink buds that open to a creamy apricot, then fade to a soft pink.  Both came from Southern Bulb Co. here in Texas. If you are looking for heirloom bulbs for warmer climates, it is worth a visit. Enjoy the photos.

Pink Rain Lilies Zephyranthes labufarosea



 Prarie Sunset Rain Lily Zephyranthes x ‘Prairie Sunset’







5 thoughts on “Late Summer Shiners”

  1. Wow, great photos Jackie! Very neat to have them bloom like that this time of year. They look like something that you would normally see blooming in early spring.

  2. Jacqueline D'Elia

    These rain lilies always seem to bloom well in August for me. They are considered late summer bloomers in the South according Southernbulbs.com

  3. These are definitely more prettier than i had few days back. more subtle colors and more softer. i feel so happy when i see them. as they are symbol of rain. nice pics.

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