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Dallas Red is Hot

I love this Dallas Red Lantana (Lantana camara  ‘Dallas Red’) I bought this summer. I had never seen this color before until I stumbled upon it at a local nursery.   I potted them in a terra cotta windowbox container and they are thriving, even in this summer heat of 100+ degree days. Granted I do protect them from the afternoon sun.
lantana-dallas-red-1 I only wish I had planted this under the Southern Red Oak tree instead of the ‘ Confetti’ cultivar.
lantana-dallas-red-4 Some Lantana I have planted in the past, look awful by the end of the season. They become dry, brittle and the leaves curl a bit. I hope this ones sticks around. It seems perfect for my new container garden.

3 thoughts on “Dallas Red is Hot”

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      Thank you. It is one of the prettiest Lantana that I’ve seen. I am really enjoying it.

  1. I love Lantana, but I’ve never seen that dark red version before. I’m enjoying Lantana Carlos this year, with party-like bright colors.

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