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Crinum Mrs. James Hendry is an Outstanding Summer Bloomer

This week, on the edge of my driveway, in a reused plastic 5 gallon pot a delightful surprise appeared. A Mrs. James Hendry crinum bloomed. I had forgotten which variety it was. Sometimes I neglect to mark things I plant in pots. My good friend, Chris Wiesinger of Southern Bulb Co., gave me this bulb last year and not knowing where to plant it permanently, I stuck it in container.

A white and pink flower is growing in a garden.

White lilies in a vase with a car in the background.

Chris did a video the day he found this bulb at an old homestead in Washington County. An outstanding specimen that is heavenly fragrant. I especially like the blush color with the deep pink margins.

If you haven’t been following Chris, you are missing something wonderful. You can find him on Facebook and on his Bulb Hunter blog. He is in the UK this week with Dr. Bill Welch conducting a Garden Tour.

4 thoughts on “Crinum Mrs. James Hendry is an Outstanding Summer Bloomer”

  1. Amy/GoAwayImGardening!

    I enjoyed the video of his search. That is an amazing crinum. The size and beauty would definitely stand out in a garden. Thanks for sharing and yours is beautiful!

  2. I love Chris. He gave me c. ‘Ellen Bosanquet’ when he came down to speak to our Master Gardener group. We had arranged for him to dig a truck load of spider lilies from the garden of my friend, and he shared crinums all around. I thought that was so nice of him.

    The fragrance of Mrs. James Hendry is wonderful. Mine needs dividing so badly right now. I don’t think it would even mind if I did it this weekend…..I might do that, too.

    Thanks for sharing the video, and the pictures.

  3. Congratulations for an excellent blog, and the first one out of hundreds I check monthly with OLIVES….

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