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Bloom Day October 15

Happy Bloom Day! Gerber Daisies are blooming again. With the slightly cooler weather and welcomed rains, my Gerber Daisies have perked up.



The zinnias at my mailbox are blooming too.





Thunbergia battiscombei is blooming on the westside of my garden under filtered light.



thunbergia battiscombei closeup

Mandevilla ‘Alice Dupont’ is blooming in a large clay pot on the driveway.





Happy Bloom Day! Bloom Day is celebrated on the 15th of each month. Curious about what’s blooming in other gardens around the world today? Visit May Dreams Gardens to find out.

11 thoughts on “Bloom Day October 15”

  1. Hi Jackie! Beautiful blooms! It looks like some summer plants decided to give one more try and show their beauty to us. Maybe, they thank us for taking care of them?

  2. Such lovely tropical looking blooms. I’ve always liked those little zinnias. Don’t know why I didn’t plant any this year!?

  3. To be a south African plant, Gerbera daisies sure love cool weather, don’t they? My mandevilla is still blooming, too. I haven’t seen a single seed pod.

  4. Looks like your garden is still going strong! I love Gerbera daisies, but I have such a hard time keeping them alive in my garden. They seem to wilt quickly with our dry heat. Happy Bloom day to you!

  5. Anna/Flowergardengirl

    It sure is a year for zinnias and mine are going like crazy too. The mandevillea is pretty but it would have croaked here this week with our chilly temps.

  6. Your Gerbera Daisies are the perfect shades for fall blooms. They are so photogenic:) Happy Bloom Day!

  7. Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

    I love your enlarged photos of the gorgeous blooms you have in your garden! It must be wonderful in person!

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