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Perennial Border Bed Design

Creating a perennial border bed

Throughout the first year in 2021, I experimented with different plantings for this bed. It is important go through an entire year to get a feel for the sunlight for

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A bunch of orange flowers on a bush.

Yellow Bells ‘Sangria’ Esperanza

Yellow Bells aka Esperanza (Tecoma stans ‘Sangria’) looks delicious and adds a sunny spice to your garden. I first spotted this variety at Buchanan’s Native Plants in November 2011. I

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A close up of a white magnolia flower.

Macro Monday: Magnolia Maze

Magnolia blooms are beautiful from any distance, but when you look closely you can appreciate the complexity in these majestic flowers. Oh and they’re fragrant too.      

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A purple flower with a yellow center.

Macro Monday: Blue Boy Vine

The verdict is in. Thunbergia battiscombei, also known as Blue Boy, Blue Glory, Clock Vine is a winner in my garden. It has survived the past two winters and has

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