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Basic of Making Compost Video for Beginners

There are a lot videos about making compost. This one is good one for beginners that want to understand the basics of making compost at home. If you’ve been hesitant about starting a compost pile, this method is a simple and affordable way to recycle your yard waste and food scraps into rich organic compost. Why does compost do? It adds organic matter and microbes to your soil, feeds your plants, helps prevent weeds and improves soil structure. By adding compost to your soil, you are creating the living and breathable medium your plants need to thrive. So gather up those leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps and start your own pile.

4 thoughts on “Basic of Making Compost Video for Beginners”

  1. The beginning is a good place to start 🙂 Thank you for connecting and sharing this informative post.

  2. Fresh compost is undeniably the most important part of our garden. Unfortunately, we use it faster than we can make it! Thanks for sharing, Jackie.

  3. Amy/goawayimgardening!

    Hi, Jackie ~ I have been wanting to make or buy a compost and this would be a simple way for me to start. I didn’t realize it would decompose so quickly by this method. Thanks for sharing the info!

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