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Change Today: I See Orange!

Well two days ago, I wasn’t sure if this monarch was even alive, but today I noticed a big difference!!! Could it really be that this little butterfly will survive??? I am more encouraged by today’s photograph. Notice the orange and the detail in the wings? The color of the outer pupa is darkening and becoming more translucent. I do hope this is a good sign.

A butterfly chrysalis is hanging on a branch.
I am more hopeful today

8 thoughts on “Change Today: I See Orange!”

  1. If you are not seeing brown anywhere on the chrysalis . . . that is a very good sign. The earlier photos did not look very healthy. It may have been the light but there seemed to be signs of demise. I am so glad I am wrong!! This is a most unusual birth! Most Monarchs are still in Mexico or California or maybe in your garden! I am excited and looking forward to the birth!! May it be a healthy butterfly able to be its true self. You are such a great steward for this little one.

  2. PS Jackie, I have raised hundreds of these beautiful creatures and had one that could not fly live with me for six months. Let me know if you need any suggestions, if you have to give it a home. Hopefully it will be able to fly once it dries its wings. Be sure to give it plenty of room for the wings to fall out and expand. The sooner it can get out into its real world the better for its chances to survive out there. I am excited for you and the butterfly. I hope you get to see it emerge. Look along the top of the chrysalis as I noted in another comment.

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      Well he was released yesterday at a local native plant nursery in the midst of blooming annuals. I am certain he will be happy there.

  3. Yeah!! WELL DONE Jackie! Who knows maybe your little fellow will hook up with a gal . . . that might fly north, lay her eggs and then . . . her offspring’s offspring may make it to my gardens! Thanks for caring for this precious creature. I have so enjoyed your story.

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