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Not a Snake!

From up close this creature may look like a snake, but it is a lizard. What I noticed about this photograph was how complex the skin is. Given this lizard changes colors to match it’s environment, I guess a certain level of complexity is in order. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see it up close.

A close up of a green gecko with a blue eye.
What am It?

A green lizard on a tree branch.
A Lizard - Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis)

This lizard has made his home on my 12 foot tall Pendilino olive tree which is in a giant clay pot. Everyday I spot him sunbathing on the trunk of the tree.

5 thoughts on “Not a Snake!”

  1. If it has feet, it isn’t a snake but a big one can still give you a start when you are not expecting him.

  2. We loved playing with these beautiful creatures when we were young (had a nephew who would ‘wear’ them on the ends of his fingers, very gentle clasp:) But we NEVER harmed them and would release them to enjoy their day. A family of them occupied my kitchen window screen every night in the spring and summer and would have their supper as I would wash the dishes!

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