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Monarch and the Oak Leaf

This Monarch Butterfly is resting on the leaf of an oak. It seems to like this particular spot to rest at, as I observed this on several occassion during the afternoon. Where do you see butterflies resting in your garden?

A monarch butterfly is sitting on a leaf.
Monarch Butterfly resting on an Oak leaf

4 thoughts on “Monarch and the Oak Leaf”

  1. Jackie, I went through your last posts and should say that I am amazed by your macro shots! And those are actually not shots, they are images, terrific images. I mean it! You are a great photographer!

  2. Jacqueline D'Elia

    Thank you Tatyana 🙂 I think the camera really does help. What I’ve learned over time is how to use lighting and angles to my advantage.

    Your photos are beautiful and I really like the Hydrangea post. Those images could be on the cover of a book!

  3. On our vehicles tires where the dark surface has soaked up solar heat! I guess they don’t care about the “natural” aspect.

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