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Honey Bees Love the Clover!

My post earlier this year talked about how White Clover is GOOD for your lawn. Apparently, it is good for the honey bees too! They love this white clover. So much so, that I instructed my lawn guy to avoid cutting this area until the clover is finished blooming. I couldn’t resist today photographing the bees in action. They literally made a beeline to the clover and have been returning daily.

A bee is hovering over a clover flower.
A bee is hovering over a white clover flower.
A bee is sitting on a white flower.
A bee is sitting on a white flower.
A close up of a bee on a flower.
A honey bee is sitting on a white flower.

I for one am pleased that I am not using any herbicides on my lawn. No weed and feed here. Atrazine is controversial and considered harmful to our health and to the environment. It runs off into the rivers and streams, contaminating the water supply.

13 thoughts on “Honey Bees Love the Clover!”

  1. Great photos! I noticed the bees at the clover in my lawn, too. I’m always glad to see flowers that the bees love. Maybe this will help rebuild the bee population.

    Always Growing

  2. Those are stunning shots. I am always careful to wear shoes when we get clover in our grass!!! Getting stung on the bottom of your foot..reeeeeealy hurts!!!

  3. Jay from The Depp Effect

    Those are terrific photographs! I’ve never had any success photographing bees. I need to get out early while they’re still sleepy!

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      Thanks. I’ve had luck with the SPORTS setting on my Canon EOS. I am so lucky in that the camera does almost all the work for me. 🙂

    1. Jacqueline D'Elia

      No additional news on Colony Collaspe Disorder… but I am doing my part to spread the word to stop using pesticides. My garden has none and I have a lot of bees visiting daily. They also love the pink coral vine.

  4. I thought you might have additional info besides what I know about CCD. It’s great that you’re not using harmful chemicals, I quit several years ago and 99.9% of my gardening is organic.

  5. Breath taking photos! I’m starting two colonies of honey bees in spring. I have already started planning to seed all of my green space with different clovers and wildflowers.I also have a sizeable veggie garden which Iam wintering over with amix of crimson clover,hairy vetch,austrian field pea and rye,(green manure).I plan to plant half the garden this spring in veggies and half in a mix of buckwheat,sweet yellow&white clover,and wild flowers.Any ideas/tips?Johnny O


  6. WOW….amazing photos u did an awesome job capturing this Bee at work. I love Honey Bees and am trying to attract more to my back yard.

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