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Coral Vine Mania

The bees each summer swarm into my garden to visit the Coral vines (Antigonon leptopus) that my neighbor Dorothy had planted. She was an avid gardener who passed away a few years ago, unexpectedly. I miss seeing her puttering around in the garden. Dorothy was a kind, southern lady, sharing plants, and a cool glass of tea on a hot summer afternoon. Now when I see the bees at work in masse, I think of her. The vine grows over the fence we shared between our driveways. It is a tender perennial in zones 9/10. It dies back in winter in my area, but comes back each spring. A profuse bloomer with delicate pink flowers with large sepals, it was one of Dorothy’s favorites. It seems the bumble bees and especially the honey bees have made this their favorite plant in the garden too.





Does anyone know what that orange and black bug is in the upper left corner of the photo?


6 thoughts on “Coral Vine Mania”

  1. Sorry to hear about your neighbor. She sounded wonderful! We all need neighbors like that! Someone you can just sit with and shoot the bull and to chit chat over the fence. Love the macro photos of the bees!

  2. What a beautiful vine, it must be a nice reminder of her as it blooms each year. Your pictures are really pretty!

  3. Bees has been showing generosity for zillions of years, travel far for a little nectar and giving back in lovely honey… Sorry to hear about your kind neighbor. .. cheers, ~bangchik

  4. What a gorgeous vine and lovely remembrance of your neighbor. Your passion flowers are beautiful too. In our climate we don’t have to worry about them being so invasive but I’ve read what a problem they can be from other blogs. The flowers are so incredible tho, hard not to have one. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find you. Your photos are excellent.

  5. Sorry to hear about your kind neighbour. That coral vine is considered a pest here as they say one man’s meat is another ones poison lol. It is very pretty and I have read somewhere that the tubers are edible.

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