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Bumble Bee and the Rose of Sharon

I was in the garden this afternoon snapping a few photos of my garden flowers and came upon a bumble bee on a faded Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) bloom. What struck me was how much effort this little guy put into finding every last drop of nectar in what seemed to be an old flower. I was thankful he stayed around and posed for some photos. Enjoy!


Looking in every nook and cranny.




8 thoughts on “Bumble Bee and the Rose of Sharon”

  1. Awesome! You’ve got a great camera that takes beautiful macro pics! I love bees. I had a ton in my garden this year–more so than usual. I enjoyed watching them all work so hard in the garden. I think it helped make my flowers really flourish this year.

  2. Your bumblebee is on the Rose of Sharon even after it’s wilted. Tenancious little fellows. Great photos.

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