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Beneficial Insects

A close up of a bee on a flower.

Honey Bees Love the Clover!

My post earlier this year talked about how White Clover is GOOD for your lawn. Apparently, it is good for the honey bees too! They love this white clover. So

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A close up of a bee on a yellow flower.

Macro Monday: Bee Happy

Honey bees are out in full force this week with the warm temperatures and flowers blooming. I captured these on Friday while visiting one of my favorite local nurseries, Buchanan’s

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A monarch butterfly is sitting on a leaf.

Monarch and the Oak Leaf

This Monarch Butterfly is resting on the leaf of an oak. It seems to like this particular spot to rest at, as I observed this on several occassion during the

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A bee is sitting on a pink flower.

Macro Monday: The Bees Have It

October in Houston means slightly cooler weather, and many of our flowering vines and perennials, that were dormant in the hot summer, come into bloom. The bees love this time

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A bee is pollinating a purple flower.

Bee Happy

Bees. For some… it can send them running in the opposite direction. For me, it sends me running in with my camera. My Garden Insectary is a magnet for bees

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